What Information Is Included In A Background Check?

The scope of a background check depends on the requirements of the employer. The information included in a background check is also dependent on the position for which a candidate is being considered. A quality background check can provide employers with information that eliminates the risk of legal or employee problems.

For most people, background check means a simple criminal history check, but contrary to common belief, there is a lot more to a quality background check. The information that such investigations entail goes beyond criminal records and also include education and employment history, references, credit checks, civil records, etc.

Here is a detailed guide on what all information a background check entails.

Employment Criminal Background Checks

Nobody wants to hire anti-social elements. It is essential for a prospective employee to be free from any criminal charges or court proceedings regarding misdemeanor and felony. A quality background check start has the criminal background checks on priority. Certain levels of criminal background checks cover county, federal, statewide, nationwide and global criminal records. Most common record checks include:

  • County Criminal Records Check
  • Federal Criminal Records Check
  • Nationwide and Statewide Criminal Records Check
  • National Wants & Warrants
  • Global Homeland Security Search
  • Sex Offender Registry Check

Education, Employment, and License Verifications

Once it is established that the prospect candidate has no criminal charge or proceeding against him, then investigation can continue to the next level.

  • Education Verification

False education claims are nothing new. A large number of applicants try to forge education qualification to match the training required for a position. Education verification is not only an eligibility check, but also an honesty check. It ensures that a candidate is credible or not.

  • Employment History Check

Prior employment history verification helps employer to ensure that the details provided by the candidate like job title, dates of employment, salary and reason for leaving are consistent.

  • License Verification

Some positions have a requirement for operating vehicles and in such hiring, license verification becomes inevitable. A quality background check will entail complete license details like license type, current status, standing, and restrictions.

Employment Eligibility Verification

In the United States it is mandatory to verify the eligibility of an employee to work through the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9. The verification is entirely electronic and accurate.

  • Medicaid Sanctions/OIG Excluded Parties

People with OIG sanctions are not eligible for positions related to any federal health care program like Medicaid and Medicare. An employment eligibility background check will verify if the candidate has such sanctions.

Credit Reports

The credit background check is not only about debt load or bankruptcies, but is a lot more. A quality credit report background check will include:

  • County Civil Records Check
  • Credit Check
  • Workers’ Compensation History

Employment Drug Screening

No need to mention what legal and social consequences a business has to face if it is not a drug-free workplace. The inclusion of drug screening in the process of investigation helps employers to ensure productivity, reduce absenteeism and provide a safer work environment for employees that reduce health insurance cost.

These are the details included in a quality background check report. Don’t just settle with naive Social Security Number Scan/Trace but make a quality background check a part of your hiring process.

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