How To Find A Phone Number Call Location: Unveiling The Different Ways

While many latest phones are already equipped with reverse lookup facility, there are some times when this is not the case. So, how to find a phone number location in that scenario? or find out who is calling me from this number for free? Well, you can use a reliable phone tracker to trace a phone number identification or the cellphone number location. Tracking services of this sort include phone tracking, land line number tracking, bulk SMS sender and vehicle number registration tracking etc.

Use a tracker

Finding a phone call location or the origin, seems to be very useful in certain cases like recently my friend’s mother  with Alzheimer’s disease went missing from her home. Her family was looking for all solutions possible to track her as soon as possible. I recommended them to go for a number tracker to get the location of the last phone call she made. There are some apps as well that let you know the location of the phone if you send a message “what is your location” to that number. Fortunately, the aged lady was found within 4 hours using the tracking app.

Decipher the number on your own

Apart from this, to find location of a phone call, you can decipher the number as per the country code, area code, prefix and line number. The country code lets you know the country the person is actually calling from. Then the area code is the three digit number that gives you specific detail about the location of the phone number. The prefix is the next three digits after the area code that is generally specific to your cell phone provider or company switchboard. Lastly, the last 4 digits of the number is the line number that lets you know the level on switchboard that you are calling. This is a bit outdated and many of these line numbers do not exist now but it relies on the area code as well as the prefix. So, by deciphering these codes, you can get to know the location of the phone call easily

Phone call location lookup service

Moving ahead, if you are not able to decipher the unknown number yourself, you can opt for a phone number location lookup website. This will tell you the city, provider and whether the number is cellular or land line. A lot of these lookup sites claim that they can locate the address of caller as well. But at the same time the service provider will as you for a fee for the same. To get the location from these lookup sites, you need to choose a reliable one that offers basic information without charging anything from you. These phone number trace service providers will help you to find the location of the phone call without putting in much effort from your end.

Google it out

If you are still not able to find the phone call location using the above mentioned options, simple Google the phone  number. This way, it can be a hit or miss situation but there is nothing wrong with trying out such a thing. The way of searching the number on Google relies on the fact that the number was put online by person or company. But you need to make sure that you Google in the right format. Type the phone number in its 10 digit format as “x(xxx)xxx-xxxx”. When you enter the phone number in the right format, results will return in any of the two ways:

  1. If the phone number is not exact match to numbers listed on the web, it will pop up with ‘phone number results’ and will give you general location.
  2. If the phone number is exact match to the number listed online, it will show up with person’s or company’s name on the site where they list the information.

Call back

In a situation when everything fails to work, you can give a call back to the number. Very closely pay due attention to voice of the person’s or company’s name. You can use these details for searching more details on the location online.

Track using Google Maps

What more, you can also use Google Maps in order to track the phone number in an event when it is turned off or not  connected to the Internet. All you have to do is to have the location reporting and location history active on the device. You can then use the Google account to access location history but make sure that the current time frame is chosen and you can easily see last location where your phone pinged. However, if the phone is switched off or is not connected to the Internet, it will not show real time results whatsoever but that’s the next best thing in an event when you dropped your device somewhere and the battery died unexpectedly.

So, these are the different ways through which you can find a phone call location. Use them and be aware of the location of the last phone call.

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