Hollywood Celebrities With A Criminal Record

Hollywood celebrities are remembered for their stellar on-screen performances.

However, few of these celebrities are also known for their criminal record. Hollywood is a home to several sweet and innocent looking stars whose personality is quite the opposite of their behavior. These limelight stealers make us forget their past with their talent, but some things never go away. Here we bring you a list of Hollywood celebrities who went opposite to their calm and sober exteriors to earn their place as stars with a criminal record.

  1. Will Smith-for aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy

The day was back in 1989 when this beloved Hollywood actor made his way to be charged with aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy and recklessly endangering another person, when he was involved in a serious assault that left one man almost blind.

Even though the charges were dismissed, it didn’t stop Will Smith to be known as one of the most popular Hollywood celebrities with a criminal record.

  1. Tim Allen — for drunk driving and cocaine possession

Tim Allen was not as lucky as Will Smith, and had to serve two and a half years in prison for possession of 650 grams of cocaine. This was back in 1978, when this Toy Story star was 25 years old. It was not the only time Tim locked horns with the law, almost twenty years later in 1997, he was again arrested for driving under influence. This got him a year of probation and a short stint in alcohol rehabilitation.

  1. Mark Wahlberg — for attempted murder charge

Mark Wahlberg got himself into serious trouble when he attacked 2 Vietnamese nationals, leaving one of the victims blind in one eye. He was 16 at the time of the crime and was charged with attempted murder. He pled guilty and was awarded two years in prison, but he was released after serving a period of 45 days in prison.

  1. Carmen Electra-for battery and assault

It was the time when this beauty was known by the name of Tara Patrick, Electra was convicted for battering her then husband Dennis Rodman. The year was 1999, the court ordered the couple to stay at least 500 away from each other to avoid any future intervention with the law.

However, thereafter no spats were reported between the two, but Electra’s assault on her husband earned her place in our list of celebrities with a criminal record.

  1. Matthew Broderick-for careless driving

While holidaying in Northern Ireland, Broderick was involved in a serious car accident that claimed life of the other driver and the passenger in the vehicle. The year was 1987, when Broderick driving in the wrong lane collided with the other vehicle head-on.

He was charged with death by dangerous driving initially, but later on got convicted with a less serious charge of careless driving and went away with a fine of $175. The handling of the case was termed as the travesty of justice by the victims’ family.

  1. Stephanie Pratt-for drug possession and shoplifting

Before she found her calling in the Hollywood with the Hills, Pratt had a criminal record already. When she was 20 years old, Stephanie ran into trouble with the law for shoplifting. She and her friend were found to be shoplifting clothing worth more than a thousand dollars. This attracted a second degree theft charge on her. Things went further south, when at the police headquarters her bags were searched and dangerous drugs were found.

Pratt and her friend were charged with promoting a dangerous drug and second degree theft. This was not the end of her unacceptable behavior, as even after shooting to fame with the Hills, Pratt was arrested for driving under the influence, but her charges were dismissed when she accepted a 30 day alcohol rehab course.

  1. Khloe Kardashian-for drink driving

Kardashians are no less of a Hollywood celebrities for many reasons, not all the good ones. Khloe Kardashian made this list of celebrities with a criminal record for her arrest in 2007 for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI).

The perfect and polished beauty ended with a three years probation, but went into further trouble for breaking the terms of her probation. This ended her with a 30 days jail imprisonment, but luckily she has to serve only for 3 hours, all thanks to overcrowding. She got away with much less than she deserved for her criminal charges.

  1. Matthew McConaughey-for drug possession

In 1999 McConaughey ended up in prison for possession of paraphernalia (a drug) and marijuana. It was his neighbor who called the cops on him, who found McConaughey dancing nude. In the report, police mentioned finding illegal substance in McConaughey’s house, however the drug charges were dropped.

He was only convicted for noise offence and got away paying a fine of $50.

  1. 50 Cent-for assault, battery and drug dealing

Most probably you are aware of the rise of this music star from the criminal streets of the downtown. At the age of 19, 50 Cent was sentenced 6 months in boot camp when he pled guilty of selling cocaine and heroin.

Eight years later in 2002, he was again arrested for assault and battery and was awarded two years’ probation.

  1. Chace Crawford-for drug possession

In 2010, Crawford was charged for possession of marijuana. Due to the charges the blue eyed actor ended serving a little time in jail. Not much of a deal, but enough to get him his place in our list of Hollywood celebrities with a criminal record.

We hope your favorite star didn’t make it in our list, even if he or she did, remember everybody has a past.

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