How to Find Someone’s Phone Number Online? – The Easy Way

Do you want to find someone’s phone nuber online? Over time, as people, we sadly lose touch. We move from city to city, state to state. We graduate, get married, and move on with our lives, often losing contact with friends and relatives in the process.

With most individuals using cell phones as our primary methods of communication, it’s easier than ever to completely lose contact with someone that we never intended to, especially if we only had contact by phone in the first place.

So what can we do if we’ve lost touch, but would like to regain contact?

What are some ways that we can find a phone number online, allowing us to regain contact with a lost friend or loved one?

Let’s look at a few ways to make this happen:

Basic Google Search

Often, we spend a great deal of time thinking about getting back into contact with someone, without doing one of the simplest actions to find them. Sometimes a simple Google search is all that’s called for in order to find the phone number that we need to give you a breadcrumb that leads you on your way to finding the phone number for the individual that you’re looking for.

You may search for their name, for example, only to find that they were married five years ago and now have a different last name. Or you may find that they were written up in the local newspaper for stellar service at their place of business – this gives you a chance of finding their business phone number and possibly even an extension or voicemail.

If you’re looking for a specific individual, even if you’ve been out of contact for years, it’s amazing what you may be able to find out for free with a simple Google search. If you hit a brick wall, consider adding their last known hometown, or any other information that you know about them, such as their parents’ names or the name of a brother or sister. You may turn up information from a family event, a relocation, or an obituary that can help you with your search.


Most individuals don’t have their Facebook privacy settings locked down as well as they think they do. If you have a Facebook account, it’s another great way to search for individuals that you’ve lost touch with over the years. If you don’t have a Facebook account, but are searching for a lost loved one or family member, it may be time to consider creating one. Facebook allows you to search by name, but also shows you friends you have in common, and once you’ve made a connection it often provides you access to an individual’s phone number if they haven’t turned off that setting.

Even if you don’t gain access to the number itself, you’ll gain access to the site’s instant messaging service, which will allow you to regain contact with individuals that you might not be able to get into touch with any other way. If you’ve lost touch with family members or loved ones, Facebook can be a good way to find them again. If you’re trying to find an old flame and learn about what they’ve been up to, the site can provide you with a great deal of information – all from a safe distance.

Try Searching Using an Alternative Search Engine

Another technique to consider when you want to find someone’s phone number online, is to use a different search engine. While Google is often the first site we turn to, Bing may return slightly different search results or provide you with more information about the person that you’re looking for. If you’ve gained shreds of information from Google, you may want to try feeding them into Bing to see if you are able to obtain any additional information. If you’ve obtained any information from Facebook, consider taking it back to both search engines to see if it provides anything new. Repeating this cycle several times may lead to a break.

Try Searching with Quotation Marks

If you know that you have the individual’s full accurate name, try plugging it into the search engines with quotations marks. This specific search often will allow you to obtain the information that you need, if it’s available online. It narrows the search down greatly to only information about that specific search string, in that specific order, so that you know you’re getting the most precise search results available.

Use a Paid People Search Site

Depending on how dedicated you are about finding out the phone number of the person that you’re looking for, and how much money you’re interested in spending, you may want to consider investing in a paid site. There are a wide variety of sites online that will research individuals for you and provide you with a great deal of information about them. The site will give you their full name, phone number, address, any criminal charges or convictions, and any other pertinent information. This allows you to learn everything that you need to know about the person. If you’re fully dedicated to getting back in touch with a lost contact, this may be one way to get the phone number that you need. If they’ve been very careful about hiding their phone number or address, only using an unlisted phone number or a post office box, however, this technique may not work.

Consider a Private Investigator

If you’ve tried every technique above, and still haven’t been able to find the phone number that you need, you may need to hire a private investigator to find the phone number that you need. Most people aren’t that secretive about their phone number however, so it’s unlikely that you’ll have to resort tothis type of measure in order to get back in contact with a lost friend or loved one.

Regaining contact with a friend or loved one that we’ve lost touch with online may be easy, or it may be quite difficult. It all depends on how much effort they’ve put into their privacy, and how well they’ve kept their identity private online. You may be able to find them in just a quick search, or you may find that it takes months of searching to get back into contact.

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