How to Get a 100% Free Criminal Record Check Online

Unfortunately, these days there are many criminals out there who are always looking for ways to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. It is bad to trust all strangers. Investigating new people in your life is crucial as it can help you to avoid being swindled all your hard earned money. Using the free criminal records online will also help to know your kids friends and act appropriately to ensure they do not end up breaking the law because of peer influence. Additionally, the records also help employees to hire an employee who has a clean background. The following tips will help you to get started on finding free criminal record check online.

Tips on how to view free criminal records online

While there are free background checks for criminals available on the internet, there is some of legwork involved since not all records are available in one place. For the best results, be prepared to spend some time to do a proper investigation on your own. With this in mind, let look at some of the tips that will help you to get started.

1. Use Google and other search engines

The first step on the internet is to do a Google search on the name of the individual you are interested in. Besides looking at the preliminary results, ensure you click on the Google news articles about your subject. This search is crucial as it can reveal stories of possible court cases or crimes. Next is to look at Google images. Google images are likely to have the images of the particular individual that you might not find on the Google web search section. The images will let you know about the individual conduct, business associates, friends, as well as social activities. Although this is not direct criminal information, this can help you to verify any suspicion you have about the individual. You can also make use of other search engines including Yahoo, Bing, among others.

2. Use the hidden web

The major problem with Google and other search engines is that they will only show pages that are only linked by other pages. In reality, very many pages are not linked to other sites. The hidden web will show you all the pages with the targeted individual’s name. If the individual is an active internet user, you will gather a tremendous amount of information about him or herself.

3. Use the local resources

The internet has made it possible to find free criminal records of an individual without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Most local county courthouses are availing all the information you need through the internet. This database will allow you to check if the particular individual has committed a federal crime, but possibly a misdemeanor. Besides this information, you will find the individual’s property record, divorce proceedings as well as other court records.

4. Make use of the national database

Your background check for criminal records is not complete without utilizing the national databases. Begin by searching the name of the individuals in the State Division of Corporation website. This resource will give you all the information on enforcement actions including civil actions, administrative orders, desist as well as the refrain warrants. Additionally, do not forget to check for any criminal records in the national sex offender’s registry.

Now that you know some of the resources that you can use to do your background checks we would also want to give you some tips to ensure that you get accurate results.

Have the right details

The first and curtail thing to ensure is to have the exact and correct spelling of the individuals first and last name. If you know the middle name, it is an added benefit for your search. It is also good to know whether the individual’s free criminal recordsname you are interested has an extension name on the first name or last name. Remember, mistaking even one letter in the name of the person of interest will give you completely different search results. Ensure you have accurate details before doing the search.

Get a reliable service provider

As previously mentioned, using search engines as well as the hidden web are the best way of finding accurate information. However, today many websites claim to offer free access to police records. Most of these websites will not give accurate results. Others display a list of records that matches that is related to what you are looking for, but the information will remain hidden until you pay a fee. This information may not be even be related to what you are looking for. To avoid such scams ensure you use the government sites that offer free criminal records.

Be creative

In case, you cannot find results by searching in a specific state, try searching using all the states for faster results. The individual you are searching may have moved from one state to the other. Look for government sites that end in .gov. These websites will give you the information you need on how to obtain the criminal records from different states.

Extra tips

Using as many resources as possible will help you to get a variety of reports and files. Although the government sites are most reliable, there have been cases where they have entered records incorrectly, made mistakes while typing, or left out crucial information. If you have multiple of files that point to the same thing, it is reasonable to assume that the information is correct.

Besides searching using the free online service, you can also decide to use the national wide registry of police records. This service is not only more practical but also a convenient and safe way of searching for criminal records. You may be required to pay a small fee, but you will have the peace of mind knowing that the results will be worth every penny you pay.


As you can see, you can use many channels when you are using free background checks of criminal records. This research will may not cost you money, but it will is time-consuming. However, using all the listed tips will surely yield the results you want. If you still have doubts, you can decide to hire an expert to do a detailed search for you. The experts use a wider data base; this means there is a better chance of finding criminal records that you cannot get through the free online service. All in all, it is important to do the find free criminal records online before hiring a professional.

Background Checks: What Employers Can Find Out About You

When most people hear about background checks, the first thing that hits their minds is the criminal history checks. However, the background check entails much more than that. A company will conduct a background check to help them to get the best candidate by looking at education history, employment history, references, civil records, and most importantly the criminal records.

Why Do Employers Conduct a Background Checks?

Employers do not only do the background checks on the job applicants, but they also do period checks on the existing employees. The things that the employer need to know vary depending on the job you are seeking. Here are the common reasons why employees conduct background screening.

· Curb negligent hiring lawsuits

Today, the negligent hiring lawsuits are on the rise. If an employer employs a worker who causes bodily harm to another worker, the employer may be liable. The threat of the employer being liable gives them a reason to scrutinize the background of applicants before hiring them.

· Safeguard the company’s moral values

Directors, officers, as well as corporate executive, face a lot of scrutiny from the media in both their private and professional lives. Proper background checks reduce the chances of corporate scandals involving their senior employees.

· Fraudulent credentials

The scarcity of jobs brought about the growth of dishonest applicants who are finding dubious ways to get employment without the necessary credentials. The background checks will give the employers information on the level of education, former employment, and title as well as the skills of the applicants.

· Federal and state laws

The law requires background checks to be conducted for some jobs. For instance, most state law requires criminal background checks before certifying any person who works with disabled, children, or elderly.

· Terrorism acts

The number of terrorists is rising quickly. Most security firms are on the high alerts of employees who are pretending to look for employment only to discover they were there to gather information for terrorist acts.

What is included in a background check?

Background report can range from a verification of a potential employee social security number to detailed account background checks onlineof the applicant employment history and acquaintances. Generally, the information in the background will depend on what the employer wants to know and the job involved. Most of the information included in the checks is from the public records created by government agencies. They include driving records, credit records, court records, criminal records, education records, medical records, character references, bankruptcy, drug test records, past employment among others.


As previously mentioned, background checks vary from one employer to the other. If you are searching for employment, just be ready to have the information in the motioned categories to be scrutinized as part of your hiring consideration. If there is something you are worried about, the best thing is to come clean to your prospective employer. In this way, you will at least have an opportunity of telling your side of your story.

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